STG Current Projects in Development

  • EVRAZ: The project for software control and integration of a truck-scale, stoplight, cameras and an intercom system, video server and search mechanism is a success. Adding additional features but it all came together.
  • ArmorerLink: Won high praise for our client from the Port of LA Police for the software, … helping them through a training audit.
  • ArmorerLink: Released a system wide upgrade for our client. Very nerve wracking since enforcement agencies often like to be up 24/7. You just have to trust the process, … and all went great.
  • Anon: Creating a beacon project with interface to Android and iPhone. Amazing what you can do with BLE.
  • EVRAZ: Ready for on-site integration for truck-bed scanning and scale integration, and transmission to our Video Server.
  • USGS: Completed a redo of a Robot that had gone down. The Robot reads bar codes, weighs rock samples, and returns samples into a carousel (holding about 60 samples). A robot that was originally run in Windows NT is back in working order for the next 15 years.
  • St. Jude’s Medical/Abbott Labs: Multiple projects supporting software support of pacemaker lead manufacturing and QA.
  • Lightspeed: Support of a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device and porting control to an Android system.
  • Daimler Trucks: Updating software for a GE Fanuc Robot that was running under Windows XP.
  • Intel: We’re supporting some next generation initiatives that hopefully will be public in 2018.
  • Closets To Go: In the final stages of creating a SAAS for dealers and manufacturers to design and manufacture closet cabinet solutions, and allows high flexibility, full range of options, graphical and visual solutions, and includes an integrated e-commerce solution.
  • Code10: Creating a mature search, notation and determination package for the Medical ICD-10 Medical Coding and Billing classifications. This new classification will be required for all medical practices and the tool will update quarterly.
  • ArmorerLocker: STG is creating our own solution for an electronic locker. The system has a badge reader, electronic control and a Raspberry Pi processor and display.The locker can be stand-alone or used with an API to support a remote database.
  • Inergy Solar: Working on a solar battery system with IoT and embedded control, based around a Raspberry Pi for display and peripheral control. The system is intended to be luggable, and intended for the serious outdoorsman, … whose experience is made that much better by a little current.
  • Daimler Trucks: Completed updating software to the GE Fanuc robot. No one wishes to injure another, … but it’s cool to have the power to lift a ton and move it like it was a feather.
  • BlockChain: Like the weather, everybody talks about it but nobody is doing anything about it. STG is creating our own BlockChain solution and we’re trying a solution for secure voting. Going after the idea of an un-hackable voting solution with swim-lane validation for the Voter, the Precinct and the tallying entity. Every vote has its record and method of assurance.
  • St. Jude’s Medical: We pushed into the realm of mechanical design, creating a laminar flow water bath, used to cool the coating on wires that receive a plastic sealant coating. Beautiful stainless-steel construction including pumps, valves and filters. I most enjoy software, but a foray into the dark side is exciting.
  • BMDA: Completing final integration of our Vulcan Record Management Software and they are fully up and running. We will do a demonstration for Clark County Prosecutor’s Office towards the end of the month.