Mobile App Development

Software Technology Group is versatile.

At the Software Technology Group we can build native apps or Cordova based multi-platform solutions. Multi-platform apps ease the development process to allow targeting both iOS and Android. STG is adept at both, and can navigate issues found when there are nuanced shortcomings of the tool.

At STG we are tool agnostic. We develop in Ionic, Cordova, XAMARIN, React … or whatever approach is deemed most appropriate to the project. Our philosophy is to be tool agnostic and to allow the approach (or our clients’ needs) to dictate direction.

Deep programming by STG has included:

  • GPS navigation
  • Photo and video capture and replay
  • Bluetooth, BLE and wifi connectivity
  • Cloud data layer and “the fog” (the area leading to the cloud)
  • Inventory management and intrinsic barcode reading
  • Shop floor manufacturing support
  • Mapping and overlays