Web & Data portals

Software Technology Group realizes that the web is often the most visible presence of a client. It is critical to develop and design to our client’s needs and to focus on the image, functionality and performance required.

Often the site acts as a portal to allow select and secure access for customers of our clients and the service demands swim lanes (a reference to the fact that different users are often segregated from content from other individuals or types of users).

STG has been responsible for incredibly diverse web and data portal implementation and most of our projects include the web as the focus or as an adjunct to securely share information and messages. A small sampling of our Web and Data Portal projects include:

  • Revelar acts as a secure data visualization portal for information derived from an IoT-enabled breath-alyzer device. Information is designed towards HIPAA compliance and set data and visualization guidelines towards patients, physicians, clinics and product distributors. The site was intended to draw in clients with cogent and compelling graphics and had information intended to make the user feel taken-care-of by the site and by the physician.
  • ArmorerLink is a web-based law enforcement portal that acts for firearms and equipment management. The system is straightforward and intrinsically understandable and simple to use, while handling an acutely complex process of tracking, maintenance, supervision, certification and training. Continued development has the product migrating to support many additional needs while still maintaining its core of outward simplicity.
  • Inventory Solutions Network has STG developing a web-based POS (Point of Sale) system that acts as a complete POS and inventory control product. The system is simple and easy to use and handles scanners, printers, card readers and can function in modes for online and offline use.