Quick Prototyping

At Software Technology Group we believe in knocking down the risk items, proving the efficacy of design, and allowing project movement towards functional development. In essence, Quick Protyping allows the clients to touch and feel the system early on and to ensure the road to completion is not met with grave obstacles.

In addition, Quick Protyping can allow a client to make forays into further funding, in which potential investors see a physical implementation rather than just paper or a concept.

STG often looks to creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that allows a client to be fully functional with all critical features in the quickest amount of time.

For demonstration purposes for devices, we enjoy creating Arduino and Raspberry Pi solutions. These act with minimal performance but act as fast prototype systems. These compact systems are an incredibly full and diverse software and hardware solution. They can be used to jump start software and hardware integration that may use the prototype to establish Proof of Concept (POC)

Software prototyping can be used to ensure performance guidelines are met or that tools or techniques can meet the eventual project needs.