Who We Are
Senior level geeks, ninja warriors and jedi masters

STG Company History

The Software Technology Group was created in 1992 as a means to provide expert Project Consulting to the high tech and biomedical arena.

STG began developing software to create an emergency protocol for dialysis machine software (Double Pump Single Needle). In case a second needle stick could not performed, the protocol allowed the pushing of fluid and the pulling of fluid through the same needle.

As if to highlight the diversity of solutions STG proffered, the next project was in SECS/GEM silicon manufacturing developing automation software for the silicon industry. The work entailed software development for moving wafers through the silicon manufacturing process.

From there it moved to other realms of the software arena (Manufacturing, Biomed, Government and Law, Web Development and Portals, Banking, UAV's, Security, Mobile Development and Bleeding edge High tech) in which the industry was less relevant, but the software was a versatile tool to solve most any problem.

And the concept was, as with all good engineers and engineering projects …

There is a:

  • Best-tool-for-the-job
  • Most expedient solution for the clients’ needs
  • Best practices for the client

As a company we are tool-agnostic. We have the expertise to work in the forum that makes the best sense for our client and for the project.

Our expertise has always been broad and profound.

We are an employee driven company. We have used and sometimes still use contractors, but for the most part, our employee-based firm succeeds with:

  • Retained expertise
  • Team based support and development
  • Ability to be nimble and agile
  • Understanding of the best means of fulfilling a software project
  • And having the wide range of talent and skills to succeed at any project

... employee solutions and retention of talent and teams offer the best of all worlds.

We have over 30+ years of experience of the entire project lifecycle. And we are very good at what we do.

Our motto: if it’s software we can do it.
Our credo: STG, where the project is king.
Our mission: To take on projects, to embrace our patrons through the process, and to succeed from both an engineering and business perspective.
Our mantra: if it’s not enjoyable then we’re doing something wrong.
Photo of Jay Abramovitz squatting in front of STG's front door
Photo of twelve space shuttle patches for various missions.  Caption: Jay Abramovitz - STS-2 through STS-8 Jun '81 to Aug '83

Jay Abramovitz | President & Majority Owner

Mr. Abramovitz received a BSEE from Rice University in 1981 and a MSEE from Vanderbilt University in 1986. His background is diverse, fitting well into a job in the consulting trade.

Jay's work experience includes aerospace and flight simulation, flight weapons computers, laser birefringence, printer software, automated test, validation for semiconductor manufacturing, QA for high resolution broadcast transmission, distance learning systems, medical pacemaker development and support, medical monitors, medical dialysis machines, medical gait analysis for evaluation of knee recovery, ADHD behavioral screening and diagnostics, and Unmanned Air Vehicle and Unmanned Ground Vehicle development.

Mr. Abramovitz’s present role is at the helm, offering management and assurance of project quality and completion.

Company Growth

The company was formed in 1992 with the initial project supporting dialysis machine software development.

Since then the company has grown organically and in 2009 the company was partially bought by Boeing. Mr. Abramovitz became a Director at Boeing and brought over 18 programmers and engineers to develop Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) for the Boeing subsidiary Insitu. The Software Technology Group continued to operate during this period and Mr. Abramovitz returned to re-invigorate STG in 2011.

Since then the Software Technology Group has expanded from one building to three and continues to grow organically.

Where we Work

At the Software Technology Group we wish to make our engineers safe. As a tongue-in-cheek solution to safety between our buildings, we came up with our “Engineer Crossing” signs.

To date, we have not lost a single engineer.