Software Technology Group is truly unique amongst software firms in our ability to design, build and bring up systems and to integrate fully with low level and application software.

At STG our embedded and hardware experience is deep and varied, with expertise in:

  • Board design, layout and fabrication
  • Device design and embedded controls
  • Industrial automation, PLCs and robots

The skills STG brings to bear go into creating a seamless solution in which our team takes on the entire project and Project Management, or our ability to understand and integrate with teams or vendors on parts of the project that are outside our tasking.

In our design we can choose a base system and run quick prototypes or design a custom solution that works within a client’s needs of performance, speed and power. We love to do Proof of Concept (POC) solutions around Arduino and Raspberry Pi solutions, then migrate to design that incorporates lessons learned.

STG Software Automation Control Projects