Internet of Things (IoT)

Software Technology Group has been in business for over 30 years and we developed IoT solutions way before the term became a marketing catch-phrase.

At its most basic IoT is moving physical data to the cloud. Data, instead of an end solution becomes a means to control, use and evaluate. The slogan was coined (attributed to Daniel Keys Moran) “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data”. Exposing and using this data is why IoT has become a term and technology worthy of assessing.

STG projects in this arena include:

  • Creating a tool for a large printer manufacturer used throughout their organization, allowing data in all forms to be transmitted and analyzed. System included a fire-hose amount of data from a printer to an embedded developer, allowing the user to capture any and all components that are operating
  • Casting encrypted medical data from a device that analyzed chemicals in the breath output of a patient, and decrypted data at its secure arrival in the cloud
  • Created a magnetic response device to determine if a dog’s magnetic collar was moving towards a threshold door and creating a voice response to alert the owner
  • Developed a prototype system for capturing microphone audio and transmitting the sound to a translation service, to be returned to wifi based mobile devices with headphones for audience individuals to receive real-time language translation
  • Created a Jello-shot creation system and transmitted all usage and diagnostic and maintenance information to an administrative cloud portal
  • Developing a solar powered battery solution that transmits data to the cloud to allow nuanced control of charging and individual power port’s usage
  • Developing a Beacon solution for mobile to allow a museum enhanced visitor experience

And ... this is just a sample of what we can accomplish.