Mobile App Development

At Software Technology Group, we are experts at the UX experience and have an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of mobile solutions. We have a diverse portfolio of mobile applications that we have developed and deployed on multiple platforms. Included in our depth of experience:

  • We regularly deploy to Google Play and the Apple Store
  • We integrate well with Cloud solutions (Azure and AWS)
  • We are experts at GPS and Bluetooth solutions (including embedded development and integration)
  • We have worked with high-end reliability and security needs:
    • Integrating the mobile device with implantable medical devices
    • Encryption transmission and storage
  • We have created kiosk-mode solutions
  • We have supported FDA-level assurance and lockdown of mobile devices including:
    • MDM-Mobile Device Management
    • Cracked and secure mobile devices
  • We develop desktop solutions with mobile ALWAYS in mind