Software Automation Control

Software Technology Group takes on the automation tasks. We make things move, and sense and monitor, and integrate these functions into our clients’ environments.

STG has expertise in the area of firmware programming, PLC programming and robotic controls, motion control and image recognition. We enjoy the complexity of the work and the demand for precision.

Projects are all over the board from:

  • PLC based product to capture full imaging at the last point of contact for a steel production company, that integrates components of:
    • Truck scale
    • Stop light for traffic management
    • Proximity sensors for scale and imaging positioning
    • Barcode scanner
    • 5 camera imaging system
    • Video server to create an imaging record system at the last point of contact of loaded vehicles before client delivery
  • A PLC and Windows-hybrid system to create an artisanal IoT based baking system for use in high end markets:
    • Hoppers to be loaded with premix and ingredients
    • Mixing and kneading
    • Conveyor motion control
    • Baking control (including optimization of humidity and heat)
  • And others:
    • A PLC based system for a truck manufacturing system to move, integrate and glue-weld a truck cab with a sleeper module
    • Modified legacy code for a GE Fanuc robot to allow better and safer coverage of a gas tank polishing robot
    • Created an upgraded and additional controls for CRS robot Windows based system for the USGS. Allows automated barcoding and weighing control of soil sediment samples in a humidity controlled environment
    • Supported a new door manufacturing production line
    • Created software to support HVAC systems and displays
    • Installed and setup Rockwell Historian for a truck manufacturing company to allow remote monitoring and an automated contact and response system for critical alarms