CES 2019
The Top 4 Unforgettable Inventions in CES 2019

CES 2019 highlights one of our projects, Wilkinson Baking’s BreadBot.

Photo of Wilkinson Baking BreatBot at CES 2019.  "CES 2019 kicks off with breast pumps and a bread robot"

We created the software and automation control, IoT and web development and hosting. The system was up on both CNN.com, CBSNew.com and a plethora of other sites listed below. The project underscores the Software Technology Group motto: “if it’s software, we can do it”.

In what could be yet another landmark in world domination, robots are now able to bake bread from scratch. Well, almost. Humans still need to provide the ingredients, but Breadbot can take it from there. It can bake 10 loaves an hour, including several different types—white, whole wheat, honey oat, sourdough and nine grain. The bread requires few preservatives because it’s meant to be purchased fresh. Breadbot, the creation of the Wilkinson Baking Company in Walla Walla, Washington, is designed for grocery chains and convenience stores, not home kitchens. Customers use a menu to punch in what kind of bread they want and six minutes later, it’s warming their hands. The robot has close to 100 sensors to ensure the proper weight, ingredient density and temperature, although love does not appear to be part of the process.

- From the Smithsonian.com

Bread-Baking Bot Introduced at CES 2019