Biological & Medical Software

At Software Technology Group our very first project was to create a kidney dialysis emergency protocol for allowing DPSND (Double Pump Single Needle). This process allows dialysis to take place even if the second needle could not be emplaced. The software required intimate knowledge of the dialysis process, FDA 510K guidelines, a zero-defect solution, and a full development and QA process.

Since then STG has been involved in a plethora of projects including:

  • Pacemaker development
  • Neuro-stimulation for enhancing post stroke brain plasticity
  • Auto-ekg analysis
  • Audiometry
  • Medical patient records and informatics
  • Pacemaker lead manufacturing and automated visual QA
  • 510K submittals
  • TENS unit development
  • Breathalyzer for aldehyde monitoring
  • ICD-10 autoparsing, lookup and medical coding reference
  • Neuro-vestibular diagnosis and support
  • Dental steam sterilizer support
  • Behavioral diagnostic system for ADHD
  • Insulin pump and controllers